Treating Customers Fairly

Treating our clients properly has always been key to how we run our business at Ward Williams Financial Services Ltd. Our aim is to build long term relationships and we firmly believe that this is only possible if our clients know that they can always rely on us to deal with them fairly and professionally.

Our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), wishes us to focus on not only treating our clients fairly as part of our daily routine, but it expects us to be able clearly to demonstrate how we do this. The FCA calls this initiative "Treating Customers Fairly".  We should be able to demonstrate that:

  • You can be confident that the fair and proper treatment of our clients is central to our culture;
  • Products and services with which we deal are designed to meet the needs of identified groups of clients and we aim to make sure that only those products and services that suit particular clients are discussed with them;
  • When we communicate with you, we do so clearly and we keep you informed before, during and after we make recommendations to you about particular products and services;
  • When we make recommendations to you, we think carefully about who you are and your circumstances and aim to ensure that our advice is suitable for you;
  • We only recommend products that do what we say they do and only deal with providers where their standard of service is acceptable. We also aim to provide you with a level of service from us that is at least what we have led you to expect;
  • Once one of our recommendations has been completed, we will not stand in your way unreasonably if you decide you wish to change the product or service, switch provider, submit a claim or make a complaint.

What this means in practice is that we:

  • Understand the products and services with which we deal, we explain them to you carefully and help you understand the risks and limitations of what we are recommending;
  • We provide you with comprehensive documentation before you make a decision;
  • We are careful to make sure that what we recommend meets your needs now and in the future;
  • We keep you up-to-date with information about your plans through written communication and regular review meetings;
  • During normal working hours, we are always here to answer your questions.


As a firm, and as individuals, we intend to behave towards our clients with integrity in way that is honest, open and competent always acting in the best interests of the client, having ensured that we have an informed understanding of their needs and desires.